January 18th - January 28th 2017


The traditional story of a poor Chinese boy living with his laundress mother. He is used by an evil ‘uncle’ to obtain the ‘wonderful lamp’. A modern story with modern songs and references, lots of slapstick, comedy, magic and pantomime.

About the Show

Far from the Disney story or stage musical world of the Middle East, this English pantomime story of Aladdin takes place in the Far East with a number of oriental references.

Rather than an orphan living on the streets, Aladdin lives at a laundry with his brother and mother.

When he spies Princess Jasmin in the street one day he falls in love and becomes determined to marry her.

Along the way he gets caught up in the villainous Abanazar’s plans to retrieve a wondrous lamp.

In the traditional pantomime style, this story contains modern songs and references, a whole lot of slapstick comedy, magic and pantomime nonsense!


Production Manager: Gael Emond

Production Assistant: Emma Herben

Director: Loretta Kingston-Brown

Choreographer: Brodie Wilson

Musical Director: Trella O’Loughlin


Aladdin – Zach Fitzpatrick

Wishee Washee – Ky Kearin

Abanazar – Chris Emond

Princess Jasmine – Olivia Ryan

Emperor – Jordan French

Empress – Emily Holmes

Vizier – Patrick Holmes

Widow Vanish – Maree Kennedy

Tortoise Tilly – Madi Churchill

Mining Millie – Bronte Bailey

Fairy Announcer – Kate Blyth

Genie – Max Harris

Ping – Macklin Wellard

Pong – Harry Goldsmith

Asia Geisha – Claudia Scott


Annabelle Kingston-Brown, Georgia McMillan, Charli Kingston-Brown, Ava Rathbone, Millie Bennett, Elisha Field, Daniel Chisholm, Molly Bartels, Katie McGregor, Kiera Stone, Mel Wells, Max Beever, Ethan Collier, Tara Glozier, Taylah Chisholm, Julia Wellard, Edwina Wallace-Smith, Nicholas Hurrell, Elliot Wellard, Toby Kingston-Brown

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