Beauty and the Beast

January 18th - January 28th 2018


It’s a tale as old as time like you’ve never seen before. We invite you to join us on this exploration of what it means to be sincerely beautiful and how one can truly be a beast, sometimes without realising it.

About the Show

Belle’s father struggles to provide for his family but any plans he has to provide for his family seem to be foiled by the evil scheming Jaques. Whilst this is all going on, Belle is captured by a beast so she makes the most of living in the palace.

In the traditional pantomime style, this story contains modern songs and references, a whole lot of slapstick comedy, magic and pantomime nonsense!


Production Manager: Conor Cunningham

Assistant Production Manager: Sarah Cunningham

Director: Jordan French

Choreographer: Brodie Wilson

Musical Director: Lisa Fremder


Belle – Morgan McDermott

Beast – Mason Hingston

Dora – Bridget Nally

Flora – Amilee Myson

Dame – Daniel Soncin

Gisella – Cedar-Rose Russell

Geeves – Patrick Holmes/Max Beever

Jaques – Zachary Fitzpatrick

Willy – Ethan Harrison

Wally – Max Harris

Father – Thomas Moore


Millie Bennett, Georgia Campbell, Chloe Cason, Gemma Chisholm, Taylah Chisholm, Ethan Collier, Sadies Collier, Aoife Cunningham, Luke Draper, Elisha Field, Bronte Flanagan, Tara Glozier, Lucy Grimes, Charlee Harris, Christopher Johns-Hayden, Lily Johns-Hayden, Annabelle Kingston-Brown, Hannah Kopp, Erin Mannix, Ava Rathbone, Kiera Stone, Lily Trimby, Jacob Ware

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