Bendigo Christmas Concert

2015 - 2021


No matter who you are or where you come from, Christmas has a certain magic to it; a bright spark. The Bendigo Kids Christmas Concert encapsulates that spark for an hour within the community.

About the Show

The Bendigo Christmas Concert is a charity-based partnership between the Bendigo Theatre Company, Bendigo Health, Jenny’s ELC the Bendigo Stadium and the WIN Network. Over the years the Concert has evolved into a renowned Christmas spectacular with a focus on community spirit and togetherness.

All funds raised going towards the Bendigo Health Christmas Appeal and to accommodate this, we are always in communication with our contributors to further consider concert expenses such as microphones and costumes, maintaining a strict budget and maximising the outgoing profits to the hospital.

We design the Christmas Concert to be a show for the whole family, taking place right in the midst of the festive season buzz. We’re aware that for some of the kids in the audience, attending the show is their Christmas present. This not only pushes us to keep the event as accessible and inclusive as possible, but also to put 110% into absolutely every aspect of the story both for the kids in the mosh pit.

The concert itself is a celebration of all things fun and festive with a line-up of well-loved and modern Christmas tunes brought to the children of Bendigo by colourful and exceptionally energetic North Pole story tellers.

The show doesn’t rely on an overarching conflict and resolution, instead centring on a handful of festively titled characters strung together with audience interaction, sequins, and a whole lot of spirit.

The Bendigo Theatre Company is at heart a community organisation with its roots in volunteer work, and this has persisted into the Christmas Concert with all performers offering their time and skills without financial benefit.  


Event Coordinator: Laura Naylor

Assistant Event Coordinator: Seamus Allan

Director/Choreographer: Claire Sexton

Choreographer: Vashti Lamaro

Vocal Coach: Alex Frank

Stage Managers: Julie Maree and Bevan Madden

Prop Coordinator: Barb Billings


Event Coordinator: Jordan French

Director: Jordan French

Choreographer: Claire Sexton

Vocal Coach: Judy Chalmers


Production Manager: Loretta Kingston-Brown

Event Coordinator: Alicia Barker

Director: Alicia Barker

Choreographers: Claire Sexton and Charlie Munday

Vocal Coach: Evelyn Charalambous


Event Coordinator: Jordan French

Director/Choreographer: Claire Sexton

Assistant Choreographer: Jennifer Rae McClean

Vocal Coach: Judy Chalmers

Characterisation Assistant: Lisa Fremder

Stage Manager: Julie Maree

Props Coordinator: Barb Billings

Script Writers: Cedar-Rose Russell and Seamus Allan


Event Coordinator: Alicia Barker

Director: Alicia Barker

Choreographer: Claire Sexton

Vocal Coach: Bec O’Sullivan

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