Fiddler on the Roof

July 5th - July 8th 2018


More than 50 years since its Broadway debut, the universal themes of Fiddler on the Roof continue to resonate with audiences of all generations and all cultures.

About the Show

This story of Tevye’s struggle to balance his rigid faith-based traditions with his hidden desire to let his daughters follow their hearts touches on values that are still relevant today. Love, pride and faith help Tevye face the oppression czarist Russia, where their lives are as precarious as the perch of a fiddler on a roof.

Fiddler on the Roof is one of the 16 longest-running shows in the history of Broadway. In July 2018 Bendigo Theatre Company will stage this beautifully written musical at the Ulumbarra Theatre complete with a live orchestra.

“In much the same way that “The Diary of Anne Frank” is not just a Jewish story, neither is “Fiddler on the Roof.” “Fiddler’s” strong themes of tradition, repression, prejudice and diaspora continue to evoke common ground for audiences — wherever they are. The well-crafted book and memorable songs don’t hurt, of course, but they are augmented by a plot that has something for everyone, whether it’s the importance of family, friction between generations or the difficult choices that accompany emigration and assimilation.” Barbara Isenberg, Los Angeles Times


Production Manager: Kyrilee Bodin

Director: Bevan Madden

Choreographer: Anita Scott

Orchestra Conductor: Emily Calder

Vocal Director: Kristie Woodward


Tevye – Denton Arthur

Golde – Sally Hyett-Long

Tzeitel – Kristen Gleeson

Hodel – Katie McMillan

Chava – Georgia Campbell

Shprintze – Adeline Johnston

Bielke – Zoe Di Camillo

Yente – Claire Sexton

Motel – Jordan Gleeson

Perchik – Mason Hingston

Fyedka – Seamus Allan

Lazar Wolf – Zeljko Vanis

The Fiddler – Max Harris


Damien Carrod, Zachary Fitzpatrick, Oliver Sexton, David Pillinger, Daniel Soncin, Robbie Bayliss, Michelle Di Camillo, Erin Mannix, Thomas Hodge, Loretta Kingston-Brown, Tara Glozier, Natalie Hercus, Nick Hyett-Long, Stephanie Quin, Alexandra Ridnell, Ashlee Taylor, Charlee Harris, Shantara Johnstone, Charli Kingston-Brown, Kelsey Oberin, Claudia Scott, Georgia Skinner

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