September 28th - October 6th 2018


Grease is the Word!

About the Show

It was 40 years ago, in 1978, that ‘Grease’ the movie was released and became an unexpected, runaway success. Before that, in 1971, Grease the live musical was originally performed in Chicago, USA. The original production was a raw, vulgar and aggressive show. Subsequent productions were sanitized and the context diluted. In its current format, ‘Grease the musical’ is still quite an education for Tribe teens to understand how society was in 1959 and to see how far we have come with equality of the sexes and society’s expectations. None of our cast members were born in 1978, but their parents will clearly remember the impact the movie, the characters and the songs had on the world at the time.

Grease offers young performers the opportunity to discuss controversial social issues and to explore characters far removed from their own lives. This cast has relished the opportunity
to be challenged and they have developed outstanding characters and performances. When working with young adults set the bar high, they will reach it. And they did.


Production Manager: Kristen Beever

Assistant Production Manager: Jordan French

Director/Choreographer: Vanessa Bate

Assistant Director: Julie McDonald

Musical Director: Jarrod Handley

Vocal Coach: Kerry Lorenz


Sandy Dumbrowski – Katie McMillan

Betty Rizzo – Cedar-Rose Russell

Frenchy – Georgia Campbell

Marty – Tara Glozier

Jan – Bronte Bailey

Patty Simcox – Edwina Wallace-Smith

Cha Cha Di Gregorio – Danika Hill

Danny Zuko – Mitch Hammer

Kenickie – Kody Austin

Doody – Abe Geyer

Roger – Max Beever

Sonny – Seamus Allan

Eugene – Elliott Wellard

Vince Fontaine – Jacob Hooke

Johnny Casino – Macklin Wellard

Miss Lynch – Maddeline Jackson

Teen Angel – Max Beever


Jakoby Appleby, Emily Brown, Connor Cantwell, Daniel Chisholm, Taylah Chisholm, Erin Collins, Jade Cuskelly, Ella Fletcher, Milly Fletcher, Bridie Hansen, Max Harris, Ethan Harrison, Natalie Hercus, Erin Howell, Lily Johns-Hayden, Annabelle Kingston-Brown, Leroy Miller, Lucy Mills, Haydn Oxenham, Erin Tinker, Jacobb Ware

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