Legally Blonde

October 19th - October 22nd 2017


Based on the novel and the hit-movie of the same name, Legally Blonde: the Musical chronicles the journey of the famously perky Elle Woods, a fashion-savvy, UCLA sorority girl who finds her life turned upside down when she is dumped by her boyfriend Warner.

About the Show

Valley girl Elle Woods, a fashion merchandising student and president of the UCLA chapter of (fictional) Delta Nu sorority applies for and, against all odds, wins admission to Harvard Law School in the hope she can convince narcissistic ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington III, who dumped her for “serious” Vivienne Kensington, that theirs was a relationship worth salvaging.

As she pursues her quest clad in her traditional pink ensembles and with her chihuahua, Bruiser, in town, she astonishes the student body and the faculty with her unabashed audacity and naiveté but wins their respect and admiration – and the love of fellow law student Emmett Forrest – when she tries and wins a murder case (thanks to knowing well the principles and recommended care of a permanent wave), proving to one and all that being true to yourself never goes out of style and may even help you win the day.


Production Manager: Maureen Fleiner

Assistant Production Manager: Stania Tresize

Director: Vern Wall

Assistant Director: Emma Herben

Choreographer: Shantelle Rathbone

Musical Director: Judith Chalmers


Elle Woods – Amy McMillan

Emmett Forest – Abe Watson

Paulette Bonafonte – Marisabel Bonet-Lee

Professor Callahan – Conor Cunningham

Warner Huntington III – Jason McMurray

Vivienne Kensington – Lisa Fremder

Brooke Wyndham – Laura Baker

Margot – Amy Vaux

Serena – Emily Holmes

Pilar – Laura-Jane Leach

Enid – Maddy McGennisken

Kyle/Dewey – Sam Pellegrino

Chutney Wyndham – Shantara Johnstone


Rebecca O’Sullivan, Steve Flanagan, Lachy Geary, Jordan French, Patrick Holmes, Damien Hurrell, Ben Fitzgerald, Wendy Brown, Bevan Madden, Miranda Livingstone, Casey Lodge, Brodie Wilson, Prue Henderson, Jessica Parsons, Tiffany Ackland, Alexandra Allan, Elizabeth Hallinan, Danika Hill, Jennifer Rae McClean, Kate Murley

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