September 29th - October 2nd


About the Show

As children, we read fantastical stories of kids with incredible abilities, who go on amazing adventures, performing feats of extraordinary heroism. In the past 25 years, one boy-wizard in particular has risen to heights of unbelievable fame. When he discovered he had magical powers on his eleventh birthday, he embarked on an epic seven-year journey to vanquish evil. More than half a billion people followed this boy on his journey, which has now been turned into movies, comics, theme parks, and a wildly successful stage play.

This, however, is not that story.

This is the story of the Puffs, who happened to be there too.

Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic is set in that school, following a group of students who have an affinity for badgers and no wish to die trying to save the world: The Puffs.

Described by Nerdist as “a clever play that never goes more than a minute without a laugh”, this play gives a different perspective on the story of the most famous child hero. The Puffs are a group of well meaning, loyal students who navigate life-and-death situations all with the grace of a three-legged elephant.


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Production Manager: Kristen Beever

Director: Kerry Turpie

Assistant Director: Alise Amarant

Stage Manager/Props Master: Andrew Dyer

Assistant Stage Manager: Amelia Howden

Set Designer: Keva Lloyd

Scenic Artist: Samantha Lempio-Franklin

Lighting Designer: Ian Scott

Costume Coordinator: Liz Young

Makeup Team: Kit Godfrey, Kaitlyn Allan, Audrey Ellis

Marketing Coordinator: Jacob Amarant

Content Creator (Photo and Video): Alek Stokes

Content Creator (Design): Jerry Steen


Narrator/Wayne Rivers-Jones: Tara McBurney

Wayne Hopkins: Kenneth Eludo

Oliver Rivers: Blake Walden-Dickie

Megan Jones: Olivia Adams

Uncle Dave / Cedric / Zach Smith: Daniel Chisholm

1st Headmaster / Viktor / Mr. Voldy: Ryan Foxlow

Ernie Mack: Thomas Marchant

Hannah: Amy Tomic

J. Finch Fletchley: Finn Cunningham

Leanne: Ella Honey

Sally Perks: Erin Tinker

Susie Bones: Eliza Ladner

Harry: Angus Pink

Student Max / Mr. Bagman / Death Buddy 7: Will Calder

Potions Teacher /  Hermeoone #3 / Student Halle: Eve Aurisch-McGrath

Student Georgia / Prof. Locky / Bath Georgia: Elli Calder

Student Bronte / Ginny / Death Buddy 2: Zoe Di Camillo

Blondo Malfoy / Sal / Bath Blondo Malfoy: Kira Collins

Prof. Sproutty / Prof. Lanny / Death Buddy 4: Elaina Bell

Fat Friar / Ghost History Teacher / Mr. Nick: Matilda Wilby

Anthony Goldstein / Colin / Bath Anthony / Scorpy: Wolf Asta

Xavia Jones / Ms. Babble / Frenchy: Milly Robertson

Goyle / Ric Gryff / Death Buddy 6: Maddy McCarthy

Prof. McG / 2nd Headmaster / Death Buddy 1: Gemma Graham

Clumsy Longbottom / Mirror Oliver / Bath Clumsy Longbottom: Ewan Dellar

Student Kody / Real Mr. Moody / Death Buddy 3: Isla Devers

Prof. Turban / Mirror Megan / Runes Teacher / Myrtle / Death Buddy 10: Leah Grotto

Hermeoone #1 / Student Amarlia / Rita Scooter / Bippy / Scorpy: Chloe Osbourne

Nurse / Mirror Wayne / Hermeoone #2 / Death Buddy 8: Aliya Bleier

A Very Tall Man / Soul Sucking Guard 1 / Dragon #1: Benjamin Reid

Seamus / Soul Sucking Guard 2 / Dragon #2: Kurtis Godfrey

Crabbe / Snake #1 / Rowena / Soul Sucking Guard 3 / Dragon #3: Aimee Parry

Student Sophie / Snake #2 / Soul Sucking Guard 4 / Bath Sophie: Jasmine Bramley

Student Cedar / Snake #3 / Soul Sucking Guard 5 / Bath Cedar: Lizzy Neunhoffer

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