Sleeping Beauty

January 14th - January 27th 2019


Once upon a time, there lived a king and queen who were very unhappy because they had no children…

About the Show

Thus, sets the stage for Bendigo Theatre Company’s 2019 production of Sleeping Beauty – the Pantomime. 

‘Pantomime’ has its roots firmly set in the 16th century French art form ‘Commedia dell’arte’ – with the beloved version of ‘The Panto’ as we know it developed by English entertainers reworking scripts of favourite fairy tales adding song, dance, physical comedy and a generous sprinkling of relevant and irreverent, local and pop culture innuendos.  Audience interaction is greatly encouraged!

It is thought that Sleeping Beauty’s earliest influence derives from Perceforest, a French romance first printed in 1528, followed in 1634 by Italian author Giambattista Basile’s version. The story penned in 1697 by Charles Perrault was the first to use Sleeping Beauty as a title.  The best known and most oft copied version comes from The Brothers Grimm – first found in their 1812 collection. 

This classic tale has been retold and refashioned in various mediums including ballet, film, television, animation, music and literature.  Bendigo Theatre Company has a history of making their yearly Pantomimes their own by creating a twist in the tale and gearing the production firmly toward kids, while acknowledging the adults in the audience with some not-so-subtle well-placed double-entendres. Sleeping Beauty will be prove to be no exception!


Production Manager: Stania Tresize

Director: Bevan Madden

Assistant Director: Seamus Allan

Choreographer: Kelsey Oberin

Musical Director: Charlee Harris


Fairy Announcer – Georgia Campbell

King Florestan – Jakoby Appleby

Queen Florentina – Bridget Nally

Chamberlain – Jacob Ware

Mr Duckweed – Jakoby Appleby

Dame – Daniel Soncin

Fairy Lilac – Cedar-Rose Russell

Fairy Titanium – Mercedes Collier

Fairy Rose – Shantara Johnstone

Fairy Emerald – Madilyn Tyzzer

Fairy Blue – Jordan French

Carabosse – Morgan McDermott

Mischief – Madi Churchill

Mayhem – Daniel Chisholm

Duchess Henrietta – Tara Glozier

Countess Gertrude – Bronte Bailey

Princess Aurora – Julia Wellard

Prince Rupert LVI – Thomas Hodge

Harpic – Lucy Grimes

Dragon – Mason Hingston


Alannah Gibson, Ava Rathbone, Aymee Robinson, Bronte Flanagan, Charli Kingston-Brown, Chloe Cason, Gemma Chisholm, Georgia Skinner, Hannah Kopp, Haydn Oxenham, Ingrid Fisher, Kaytie Rowe, Millie Bennett, Remy Cugura, Willow Holland

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