October 25th - November 3rd 2019


Every story has a backstory or what happened before we stumbled on the scene.  An unravelling of the past – an understanding of how it all came to be.  The bit that set the wheels in motion.

About the Show

Oz and its crafty Wizard have always been…Wicked tells the tale of what it was like just before Dorothy and her house fell from the sky. 

Gregory Maguire’s 1995 novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West has been described as a political, social, and ethical commentary on the nature of good and evil and whether good intentions with bad results are the same as bad intentions with bad results. With the central themes of bullying and persecution of those who are ‘different’ – Wicked lays the groundwork for our eventual journey to Oz.

It’s pivotal characters are Elphaba, the sensitive, green-tinged outsider who grows up to become the notorious Wicked Witch of the West and Galinda – beautiful, blonde and popular – who grows up to become the Good Witch of the South.

The story is Elphaba’s to tell – going back to the time when she and Galinda met in College, eventually becoming friends and travelling together to Oz to meet the Wizard.  The pressure of conscience on whether it is better to be ‘right’ or ‘popular’ causes a rift between them that sees Elphaba being misjudgingly cast out as the Wicked one. 

Misunderstandings, misplaced loyalties and misrepresentations form the foundation for this study into the contradictions of values and judgements, eventual redemption…and, of course – love.

Show stopping tunes, vibrant choreography and impressively crafted sets make the journey all the more rewarding.


Production Manager: Abe Watson

Technical Director: Ken Wells

Director: Paul Watson

Choreographers: Lisa Kearin and Kaddison Kearin

Musical Director: Matthew Dudfield

Vocal Coach: Kristie Woodward


Elphaba – Melissa Harrington

Galinda/Glinda – Annabelle Heslop

The Wizard of Oz – Conor Cunningham

Madame Morrible – Claire Sexton

Fiyero – Kody Austin

Nessarose – Cedar-Rosie Russell

Doctor Dillamond – Daniel Sexton

Boq – Liam Brown


Jakoby Appleby, Georgia Campbell, Connor Cantwell, Taylah Chisholm, Erin Collins, Zachary Fitzpatrick, Sian Fowler, Laura Freeman, Jordan Gleeson, Kristen Gleeson, Charlee Harris, Jessica Hill, Mason Hingston, Jordan Hobbs, Maddeline Jackson, Caydyn Kearin, Kaddison Kearin, Erin Mannix, Thomas Moore, Bridget Nally, Kelsey Oberin, Inika Reinhardt, Olivia Ryan, Erin Taylor, Madilyn Tyzzer, Julia Wellard


Remy Cugura, Aoife Cunningham, Abe Geyer, Kit Godfrey, Spencer McWilliam, Abby Perdon

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