There’s nothing more gripping than a courtroom drama and when written by Jeffrey Archer, you just won’t be able to tear your eyes away.

About the Show

Jeffrey Archer’s own story is one that would make a best-seller but instead of telling his own story he created countless worlds for his readers to get lost in with his books selling close to 330 million copies worldwide. Each of his novels and plays took considerable amounts of Archer’s times to finally complete as he would go abroad to write the first draft and then writing up to another seventeen drafts thereafter.

As Archer’s first expedition into the world of playwriting, Beyond Reasonable Doubt was unknown territory but with a residence at the Queen’s Theatre on the West End that lasted over 600 performances, audiences knew that he’d struck gold.

As somewhat of an immersive experience, the audience is continually referred to as the jury, drawing them into the story of Sir David Metcalf who finds himself accused of the wilful murder of his terminally ill wife. In a struggle to fight for his innocence against the prosecution, Anthony-Blair Booth QC, Sir David has to stand his ground against what seems like insurmountable evidence.

With twists and turns throughout the entire performance and characters that the audience can cling to through this gripping drama, what’s not to love?

Beyond Reasonable Doubt is Postponed Until Further Notice


Production Manager: Maureen Fleiner

Director: Vern Wall

Assistant Director: Stephanie Slatyer

Stage Manager: David Somerton

Set Designer: Keva Lloyd

Lighting Designer: Ian Scott

Costume Coordinator: Kylie Howe


Sir David Metcalfe QC Conor Cunningham

Sir Anthony Blaire Booth QC – Ian Hart

Court Usher – Mitch Craig

Clerk of the Court – Stania Tresize

Justice Tredwell – Lisa Martin

Detective Chief Inspector Travers – Michelle Di Camillo

Prison Officer – David Somerton

Dr Weeden – Julie Drake

Lionel Hamilton – Ross Simmons

Mr Robert Pierson – Max Harris

Mr Cole – Jeremiah Steen

Mrs Rogers – Judy Chalmers

Lady Millicent Metcalfe – Mandy Ellison


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