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About the Theatre Club

During lockdown, one of the things we missed most was being able to see the people we cared about. Family, friends, cast mates, backstage crew and creatives. While we are still tentatively getting our first shows back on the stage, we thought “why wait to see each other again?”
Introducing Theatre Club, a new, informative (COVIDSafe) way to catch up with your friends, make some new ones, learn some new things and generally just have a great time. Theatre Club will run on the third Monday of every month, starting on March 15th, at the BTC Arts Shed at 7.30pm.
There will be a few different activities each month, including (but not limited to) panel discussions, theatre games & improvisation, and character & script analysis. At the first meeting on March 15, there will be a Meet the Directors Panel Discussion, followed by a general chat about the Theatre Club program and you can give your feedback to make it as good as it can be.
To be involved, you must be a BTC member. You can become a member by visiting our website and clicking on ‘Become a Member’ under the Support Us menu, or by going direct to and clicking ‘Sign up now’.
Once you are a member, you can register your attendance via the Calendar tab in the HelloClub menu. This is essential to ensure these events remain COVIDSafe.
We hope you are excited to be getting back into the theatre as much as we are, and we can’t wait to see you all at Theatre Club, on the third Monday of every month!

Currently in a Recess Over Winter.

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