Jellicle cats come out tonight. Jellicle cats come one, come all. The Jellicle moon is shining bright. Jellicles come to the Jellicle ball.

About the Show

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s acclaimed classic Cats has remained in the public eye since opening initially on the West End in 1981 and further flourishing into an 18-year Broadway run, countless touring productions, and most recently an all-star cinematic adaptation set to open in cinemas this December.

The unconventional musical is inspired by T. S. Elliot’s 1939 poetry collection Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and follows a tribe of colourful characters on a journey of personal anecdotes, spiritual identity and ultimately rebirth. Cats is a sung-through show, forgoing conservative scenic structure and relying chiefly on choreography and orchestration to convey the emotional intensity of the story.

Due to its conceptual and eclectic style, Cats is a somewhat polarising piece of theatre, garnering a strong cult following yet often referenced in jest or parody form in pop culture. TV shows such as The Simpsons, Family Guy and Glee have all paid homage, among many others. Over its long lifespan on stages around the world, Cats has undergone a multitude of changes involving entire songs, characters and lyrics. A fluidity of composition allows Cats to be continually updated in accordance with an evolving societal audience, securing its legacy as a prevailing theatrical experience with the atmosphere grandeur of a classic.



Production Manager: Kristen Beever

Director: Denton Delmenico

Musical Director: Cally Bartlett

Vocal Director: Kristie Woodward

Stage Manager: Tayla Ham

Assistant Stage Manager: Andrew Dyer

Costume Coordinator: Lauren Mitchell

Properties Design and Construction: Kate Tinker and Steve Tinker

Set Design and Construction: Kate Tinker and Steve Tinker

Scenic Artist: Samantha Lempio-Franklin

Lighting Designer: Ian Scott

Marketing Coordinator: Julia Wellard

Production Photographer: David Field

Music and Vocal Assistant: Alexander Zegelin

Rehearsal Pianist: Karin Van Poppel

Associate Choreographer and Welfare Coordinator: Jordan French


Bill Bailey: Liam Sheppard

Carbucketty: Daniel Chisholm

Cassandra: Milly Fletcher

Demeter: Jade Cuskelly

Electra: Georgia Skinner

Etcetera: Gemma Chisholm

George: Liam Duivenvoorden

Griddlebone/Tantomile: Alice McKellar

Grizabella: Taylah Chisholm

Jellylorum: Indi Gilmore

Jemima: Erin Collins

Jennyanydots: Lucy Kitching

Mungojerrie: Elisha Field

Munkustrap: Sonnie Rose

Old Deutoronomy: Jakoby Appleby

Pouncival: Katie McGregor

Rum Tum Tugger: Abe Geyer

Rumpleteaser: Lucy Hall

Rumpus Cat/Admetus: Jeremiah Steen

Tumblebrutus: Tom Marchant

Victoria: Estella Breen

Ensemble: Lily Johns-Hayden, Remy Cugura, Aymee Robinson, Erin Tinker, Jordan Thompson, Ella Russell

Understudy/Dance Captain: Claudia Scott

Kittens: Tilly Favoloro, Ava Cossens, Tahlia Giffard, Isla Devers

Cats Choir: Laura Freeman, Mason Hingston, Danni Byrne, Stephanie Quin, Kelsey Oberin, Liam Brown

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