Our Code of Conduct

At BTC, the wellbeing of our members is our highest priority.


Our Code of Conduct is designed to clarify Bendigo Theatre Company’s expectations of how members, performers, production staff and all volunteers must conduct themselves whilst involved in the activities of the company. Our goal is to ensure that every member is treated equally and with respect, in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Our Constitution

As a not-for-profit community organisation, there are certain rules that need to be followed to ensure that our company remains a vibrant and successful cultural asset, well into the future.


The Constitution serves as a ‘roadmap’ for running the organisation. It is also a legal requirement for us, as an organisation, that we follow the Constitution at all times, to keep our members safe.

Our Mission

‘To create excellent experiences in theatre for all. To provide developmental and learning opportunities, fostering creativity and compassion. To create a safe environment for all which is open, warm, and accepting.

To create opportunities for collaboration, bringing people together from all different backgrounds and walks of life. To learn from each other, and continue to grow.’

Our Purpose

‘To enrich the local community and grow an appreciation of live theatre among members and the wider public by producing great theatre.’

Bendigo Theatre Company seeks to follow this purpose in all facets of theatre production. By working towards this united goal, we are able to bring quality theatre to local audiences every time we hit the stage.

Our Values

In bringing people together from all different backgrounds and walks of life to learn from each other and continue to grow, Bendigo Theatre Company seeks to develop a common respect, admiration and regard amongst patrons and members which allows us to create excellent experiences in theatre for all.

In developing a safe environment that is open, warm and accepting, Bendigo Theatre Company endeavours to establish a foundation of honesty and trust that allows us to work in partnership with members and our local community to develop and produce quality theatre.

Through the promotion of compassion within our members, Bendigo Theatre Company is able to provide a safe place for our local community to gather, create and perform with the support of like-minded people and a focus on the craft as well as the individual.

Bendigo Theatre Company seeks to provide a safe space that is inclusive to individuals from all walks of life through establishing a wide range of performance opportunities aimed at performers of all skill levels, bringing people together from all different backgrounds.

Bendigo Theatre Company upholds a strong and uncompromising set of principles and values that form the basis for key Company directives such as Our Mission, Our Purpose, Our Vision and Our Code of Conduct. This integrity establishes a strong foundation for the governance and operations of the company.

In enriching the local community and growing an appreciation of live theatre amongst members and the wider public, Bendigo Theatre Company takes on a positive, optimistic and encouraging approach to the production of live theatre that influences all aspects of company operations.

Whilst bringing people together from all different backgrounds to create opportunities for collaboration, Bendigo Theatre Company seeks to shine a light on the individual talents of each and every member to allow them to flourish in an environment where they are supported and accepted.

Life Membership

In 2020, Bendigo Theatre Company Committee of Management approved a process for nominating and granting Life Memberships. This involves a process whereby two BTC members may nominate another person for Life Membership.


This application is then assessed by the BTC Committee of Management against the criteria set out in this document, discussing the extent to which the nominee has made an outstanding contribution to the company. If successful, the nominee will be awarded Life Membership at the next General Meeting of the Association.

Annual Reports

Bendigo Theatre Company makes a commitment to produce an extensive Annual Report which gives a glimpse at our strategic direction, and more clearly represents our aims and purpose.

In the past, we have presented our financial statements and a President’s report, which we feel does not tell the whole story. While it is easy to focus on the finances and the dollar figures, that is only one aspect to the story we have to tell. We also need to be talking about the intrinsic cultural value of the arts and the work that we do; we need to be talking about the community-building and self-actualising powers of our work. 

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