Programme advertising gives your business the opportunity to be seen by audiences when they are relaxed, in a social context, and more receptive to campaigns and advertising messages than they may normally be. A theatre programme has a very long shelf-life and may be read by many people over many years.

When your business supports grass roots community theatre, the advertising helps to pay for things such as lighting and sound equipment, costumes, sets and administration costs. All these things contribute to giving the best possible experience to our audience, our cast and crew.

Each of these partnerships is tailored to the performance you would be sponsoring. 

Please contact BTC to figure out which package is best for your business.




The Bendigo Theatre Company Arts Shed is continually undergoing infrastructure upgrades to improve the performance and rehearsal spaces for cast members and patrons.

To perform these upgrades, we require the support of local building development organisations who are willing to donate their relevant provide products or services. This can range from paint to fabric to even various offcuts that your business doesn’t make use of anymore.

Through entering into a Venue partnership with Bendigo Theatre Company, you open the door to a whole new set of clients who visit our Arts Shed each year. We have more than 2000 patrons and team members move through our facility every year who will potentially be exposed to your product and support.

Please contact BTC to figure out which package is best for your business.

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