Blood Brothers

April 11th - April 18th 2019


Did you hear the story of the Johnstone twins? Like each other as two new pins. Of one womb born on the self same day, how one was kept and one given away.

About the Show

Confronting the age-old philosophical dilemma of nature versus nurture – Willy Russell’s stunningly crafted, smash hit musical Blood Brothers tells the waggish, thought provoking and desolate story of Mickey and Eddie, fraternal twins separated at birth and brought up in diametrically opposed circumstances – one a wealthy, educated family – the other a poverty-stricken, unskilled environment.  A prophecy made at the time of their birth sets the tone of the narrative and drives the story to its shattering, but inevitable, conclusion.

Originally written and developed for the Liverpool school curriculum, Blood Brothers first appeared on London’s West End in 1983 and has since enjoyed success that has spanned over four decades reaching from Broadway all the way to Europe, Mexico, Japan, Korea and


Production Manager: Kristen Beever

Assistant Production Manager: Bevan Madden

Director: Thomas Moore

Director Mentors: Chris Emond and Vanessa Bate

Stage Manager: Ebony Watts


Mickey – Kody Austin

Eddie – Zach Fitzpatrick

Linda – Natalie Hercus

Mrs Johnstone – Cedar-Rose Russell

Mrs Lyons – Georgia Campbell

Narrator – Seamus Allan

Sammy – Ethan Harrison


Isobel Kingdon, Lucy Kitching, Bailey Matheson, Abe Geyer, Lily Johns-Hayden, Jasmine Clancy, Ethan Collins, Finn Cunningham, Jakoby Appleby

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