The Boy From Oz

September 23rd - October 2nd 2016


A Peter Allen concert with flashbacks to come: Peter Allen, the flamboyant entertainer, hits the spotlight at pretty near full flight, pounding the piano and informing the audience about himself.

About the Show

The Boy From Oz” tells about the life of the great Australian entertainer, Peter Allen. The show starts with in the 1950s with his humble beginnings growing up in an Australian bush town. He then experiences a meteoric rise to fame as an international star opening for Judy Garland and selling out week-long engagements at Radio City Music Hall.


Later, Allen marries her Garland’s daughter, Liza Minnelli. Within a few years, Allen and Minnelli split due to Allen’s homosexuality. Eventually, Allen dies from AIDS – but before he dies, he is able to give one final concert back in his homeland.


Production Manager: Kristen Beever

Director: John Murray

Assistant Director: Shane O’Loughlin

Choreographer: Shantelle Rathbone

Musical Director: Cynthia Holsworth


Peter Allen – Jason McMurray

Liza Minnelli – Saari Frochot-Ryan

Judy Garland – Kerry Lorenz

Linelle – Laura-Jane Leach

Karen – Amy McMillan

Shena – Alicia Barker

Young Peter Allen – Macklin Wellard

Marion Woolnough – Kristie Woodward

Greg Connell – Paul Waldron

Chris Bell – Charlie Munday

Dee Anthony – Tom Fraser

Valerie Anthony – Katie McMillan

Wally Bell – Lachy Geary

Dick Woolnough – Zachary Fitzpatrick

Josie – Trella O’Loughlin


Jennifer McClean, Jordan French, Prue Henderson, Steve Flanagan, Sally Long, Ben Fitzgerald, Loretta Kingston-Brown, Shantara Johnstone, Danika Hill, Conor Cunningham, Olivia Ryan, Julia Wellard

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