Wyrd Sisters

April 5th - April 8th 2018


Our story begins high in the Ramtop mountains, in the tiny kingdom of Lancre, on a blasted heath at midnight, where three figures gather in a rather familiar way…

About the Show

Floating through space amongst the millions upon billions of stars throughout the billions of galaxies in the infinite universe, there swims a gigantic turtle named the Great A’Tuin. On the back of its mighty shell stands four giant elephants and atop their shoulders lies the grand, flat expanse of the Discworld.

When you consider the vastness of space, this seems perfectly sensible.

The Discworld is a place or magic, of fantasy and of stories, all helped along b an impressive amount of sarcasm and an unlikely amount of sensible thinkers. From the Rim – over which endlessly falls a waterfall man thousands of miles long – to the Hub – where atop the needle-like mountain Cori Celesti the ancient city of Dunmanifestin houses the Gods of the Disc, where the play games that decide the fates of mortals (when the can remember the rules and stop bickering over who gets to be the top hat) – the Discworld is home to humans, dwarves, trolls, vampires, witches, wizards, an Orangutan Librarian and so much more.


Production Manager: Loretta Kingston-Brown

Assistant Production Manager: Rebecca O’Sullivan

Director: Kerry Turpie

Director’s Assistant: Thomas Moore

Stage Manager: Casey Lodge


Granny Weatherwax – Cedar-Rose Russell

Nanny Ogg – Bronte Bailey

Magrat Garlick – Emily Brown

Duke – Kody Austin

Duchess – Ella Fletcher

Olwyn Vitoller – Zachary Fitzpatrick

Mrs Vitoller – Ebony Watts

Fool – Max Harris

King Verence – Bailey Matheson

Tomjob – Macklin Wellard

Hwel – Elliott Wellard


Elliott Jacobs, Ethan Harrison, Natalie Hercus, Kim Stanway, Connor Findlay, Makaila Howard, Wade Harrison, Taylah Chisholm, Charli Kingston-Brown, Georgia Campbell, Daniel Chisholm, Erin Mannix, Kaytie Rowe, Lily Johns-Hayden, Milly Fletcher, Imogen Lonergan, Aoife Cunningham

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