Little Red Riding Hood

January 13th - January 26th 2020


Mary grabbed her basket of food, donned her beautiful red cape and set off to see her grandmother with the advice to not talk to strangers… we’ll see how long that lasts!

About the Show

Taking inspiration from the Commedia dell’arte theatre style, Pantomimes are known for their reworking of traditional fairy tales, adding a slew of hilarious characters, double entendres and tongue-in-cheek music performed by a cast of stock characters who are loosely based on set archetypes like ‘The Protagonist’, ‘The Antagonist’, ‘The Sidekicks’ and ‘The Dame’ who are thrown into a variety of stories and hilarity ensues! Audiences are also strongly encouraged to interact with these characters, responding to questions, singing along or even getting up for a dance.

The story of Little Red Riding Hood that our Pantomime is based upon has had many adaptations throughout the years but was originally penned in 10th Century Italy with one adaptation being titled ‘The False Grandmother’. However, the best known versions were written by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm. They always follow the same basic journey with Little Red making her way to grandma’s meeting some unfortunate characters along the way which teaches her to listen to her mother and to avoid strangers you meet in the forest!

Once again, Bendigo Theatre Company, is proud to bring a summer Pantomime to Bendigo audiences, this time taking it back to the ‘Panto’ roots with original songs, larger-than-life characters and high energy dances. Join us on our trip to grandma’s!


Production Manager: Bevan Madden

Director: Loretta Kingston-Brown

Choreographer: Nick O’Meara

Musical Director: Jodie Field


Mary (Little Red Riding Hood) – Jade Cuskelly

Tom – Haydn Oxenham

Mary’s Mother – Georgia Jones

Tom’s Father – Mason Hingston

Mr Duckweed – Jakoby Appleby

Mrs Duckweed – Zeljko Vanis

Mrs Wolf – Kerry Turpie

Drop – Thomas Moore

Kick – Andrew Dyer

Bella – Elisha Field

Rina – Liam Sheppard

Grandma – Emily Bibby


Olivia Ryan, Georgia Skinner, Kade Lightfoot, Chloe Cason, Lily Johns- Hayden, Ebony Watts, Erin Tinker, Sophie Millar, CJ Johns-Hayden, Daniel Chisholm, Bronte Flanagan, Alfonse Basha, Aymee Robinson, Eliza Wilkinson, Aleksia Franklin, Ingrid Fisher, Remy Cugura, Katrice Marie-Lewis

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