Premiered 2016




TENx10 is a program of ten original plays of 10 minutes each. The plays are selected by a panel of esteemed local theatre representatives.

About TENX10

As time passes and attention spans have grown shorter, BTC’s short play festival has grown in popularity. 

Bendigo Theatre Company’s annual TENx10 Season is for writers, directors and performers who appreciate the value of original works. With no barrier to age, gender or experience, TENx10 offers participants the ability to experience many aspects of theatre within a short time frame. It’s a great way to meet a whole group of folks who enjoy the connection and creativity found when developing a piece of theatre. 

Audiences leave the TENx10 performances laughing, crying and thinking. With such a broad season, drawing from such a wide range of stimulus, paired with performers and directors who get the chance to flex their creative muscles – there truly is something for everybody in TENx10. Whether you’re a playwright, or if you’re keen to have a go at directing, acting or any backstage roles, keep an eye out for the next TENx10 date announcements and get in touch to be involved.



Writer: Robert Weibezahl

Director: Thomas Moore

Cast: Laura Sheridan, Lenka Schirmer, Elaina Welsh


Writer – Kerry Turpie

Director – Lenka Schirmer

Cast – Dana Elgar, Ava Rathbone

Change Time

Writer – Merryn Redenbach and Zara Jones

Director – Stania Tresize

Cast – Zara Jones, Stania Tresize and Angelique Whitehouse

My Sister in a Pale Blue Egg

Writer – DJ Cahan

Director – Lewis Adams

Cast – Alicia Gunston, Lucy Kitching

Hide and Seek

Writer – Lee Lawing

Director – Daniel Soncin

Cast – Ky Kearin and Lisa Martin


Writer – Paula Armstrong

Director – Michael Scobie

Cast – Laura Sheridan and Luke Hickmott

The Quiet Carriage

Writer – Benjamin MacEllen

Director – Ryan Peterson

Cast – Penny Loader, Felix Oni, Ava Rathbone and Kerry Turpie

Coming to Town

Writer – Keith Whalen

Director – Paul Henshall

Cast – Julie Drake, Graeme Murray and Jacob Baird

The Chosen One

Writer – Lenka Schirmer

Director – Alicia Gunston

Cast – Declan Jones, Lisa Martin, Bridget Nally, Ryan Peterson and Hayden Wilkinson

Things That Go Bump in the Bite

Writer – Alison Knight

Director – Kristine Von Hilderbrandt

Cast – Ky Kearin, Emma Kelly, Liv Ryan and Sophia Walker


Second Act, Second Helpings

Writer: John Mabey

Director: Lewis Adams

Cast: Michelle di Camillo, Paul Henshall


Writer – Craig Gustafson

Director – Michael Scobie

Cast – Lisa Martin, Sharon Newth

Grin and Bear It

Writer – Lenka Schirmer

Director – Stania Tresize

Cast – Alex Ridnell, Kate Verbeek

Mum’s the Word

Writer – Maripat Allen

Director – Evelyn Gibbons

Cast – Alicia Gunston, Eldo Simon

Astronomical Connection

Writer – Michael Leach

Director – Thomas Moore

Cast – Alicia Gunston, Mason Hingston


Writer – Julie Cunningham

Director – Carolyn Staszkiewicz

Cast – Lewis Adams, Elaina Bell, Graeme Murray

Google Classroom

Writer – Sharon Newth

Director – Maddie McGregor

Cast – Jakoby Appleby, Elaina Bell, Rebecca Coles, Georgia Skinner, Olivia Wilke

Dear Lisa

Writer – Alison Knight

Director – Sally Lansdowne

Cast – Michelle di Camillo, Lisa Martin, Lenka Schirmer, Ross Simmons

Coming to You Live

Writer – Laurie Allen

Director – Ryan Peterson

Cast – Jake Russell, Olivia Wilke

The Near Distant Future

Writer – Mark Harvey

Director – Michael Scobie

Cast – Jakoby Appleby, Sharon Newth, Ross Simmons


Vote for Me

Writer: Kel Vance

Director: Sam Archer

Cast: Lisa Martin, Sharon Newth


Writer – Lenka Schirmer

Director – Barb Billings

Cast – Jakoby Appleby, Carel Fourie, Lucy Mills, Sharon Newth, Georgia Skinner

A Moment of Clarity

Writer – Philip Middleton Williams

Director – Sam Archer

Cast – Roger Huthnance, Brad Madden


Writer – Robert Weibezahl

Director – Thomas Moore

Cast – Alicia Gunston, Juliana Cafarella, Jenni Jenkins

Family Business

Writer – Louise Hopewell

Director – Stania Tresize

Cast – Morgan McDermott, Daniel Williams


Writer – Shannon Murdoch

Director – Rachel Le Rossignol

Cast – Georgia Campbell, Jozie Robinson

Gay Expectations

Writer – Garrett F Dulton

Director – Kimmie Godfrey

Cast – Connor Cantwell, Jamie Morgan, Bridget Nally, Olivia Ryan


Writer – Rachel Nightingale

Director – Max Harris

Cast – Sally Lansdowne, Chris Lightfoot, Kade Lightfoot, Lisa Martin

Rainbow’s End

Writer – Alison Knight

Director – Julie Maree

Cast – Judith Chalmers, Lucy Mills, Ross Simmons

The Bendigo Committee for Manhole Covers

Writer – Christopher Milne

Director – Evelyn Gibbons

Cast – Lewis Adams, Rebecca Coles, Duane Freestone, Elliott Jacobs, Chris Lightfoot, Georgia Skinner

The Last Song

Writer – Benjamin S MacEllen

Director – Melanie Thoren

Cast – Jacob Baird, Graeme Murray, Ryan Peterson, Jake Russell, Hayden Wilkinson


A Great Day for a Funeral

Writer: Julie Cunningham

Director: Stania Tresize

Cast: Liz Edwards, Lucy Grimes, Graeme Murray, Craig Sheppard, Ralph Shippard, Ross Simmons

The Math

Writer – Michael J Leach

Director – Lenka Schirmer

Cast – Shantara Johnstone, Isobel Kingdon, Ryan Peterson

The Architect’s Last Evening

Writer – J W Clark

Director – Steven Fleiner

Cast – Sarah Osbourne, Ralph Shipard

Digital Life

Writer – Kerry Turpie

Director – Carolyn Staszkiewicz

Cast – Jess Hill, Roger Huthnance, Elliott Jacobs, Bevan Madden, Ebony Watts

Chewing the Fat

Writer – Sheryn Long

Director – Kristen Beever

Cast – Judith Chalmers, Rebecca Coles


Writer – Mark Bolton

Director – Madi Churchill

Cast – Jacob Baird, Barb Billings, Liz Edwards, Natalie Hercus, Elliott Jacobs, Isobel Kingdon, Stania Tresize

The Problem With Philosophy

Writer – Wendy Dunn

Director – Mary Pomfret

Cast – Michelle di Camillo, Tristan Gillet-Oerlemans, Thomas Moore

Vote for Me

Writer – Kel Vance

Director – Sam Archer

Cast – Lisa Martin, Sharon Newth

Close Enough

Writer – Louise Woodward

Director – Rachel Le Rossignol

Cast – Monique Kerr, Jamie Morgan, Cedar-Rose Russell, David Somerton

It’s Not Me… It’s You

Writer – Katie Lee

Director – Thomas Moore

Cast – Sian Fowler, Jake Russell


Writer – Mary White

Director – Sally Lansdowne

Cast – Penny Baird, Barb Billings, Julie Drake, John Moore, Jamie Morgan, Craig Sheppard, Ross Simmons


A Date with Death

Writer: Steven Hayet

Director: Stephanie Slatyer

Cast: Seamus Allan, Jecinta Arulsuthan, Cedar-Rosie Russell

Anna by Lamplight

Writer – Alison Knight

Director – Ralph Shipard

Cast – Erin Collins, Bevan Madden, Thomas Moore

The Locked Door

Writer – Chris Pedler

Director – Ebony Watts

Cast – Richard Atkins, Ally Bedson, Pearl Salmon-Watson, Ebony Watts

Swing Thought

Writer – Ethan Bortman

Director – Stania Tresize

Cast – Carolyn Staszkiewicz, Ross Simmons, Stephanie Willis

The Interview

Writer – Ian Hart

Director – Seamus Allan

Cast – Cedar-Rosie Russell, Kerry Brown, Graeme Murray, Julia Braszell

Cross Purposes

Writer – Lois Angus

Director – Christina Finch

Cast – Barb Billings, Lisa Martin, Pam Martin, Margaret McDowell, Lenka Schirmer, Stania Tresize

A Nice, Gentle Invasion

Writer – Christopher Milne

Director – Kody Austin

Cast – Madi Churchill, Rebecca Coles, Bridget Glozier, Ian Hart, Ross Simmons

I’ve Got Something to Say

Writer – Vern Wall

Director – Catherine Moore

Cast – Brad Madden, Daniel Williams


Writer – Audrey Farthing

Director – Cedar-Rosie Russell

Cast – Julie Drake, Jordan French, Alex Short

Mirror Image

Writer – Seamus Allan

Director – Tayla Ham

Cast – Lucy Grimes, Jacob Amarant

The Rich History and Ample Cultural Attractions of Bendigo, Victoria

Writer – Tommy Russell

Director – Mason Hingston

Cast – Jacob Baird, Kelsey Oberin, Thomas Moore


Waiting for Gary

Writer: Mark Bolton

Director: Vanessa Bate

Cast: Edwina Wallace-Smith, Mason Hingston, Lucy Mills

Love on the Line

Writer – J W Clark

Director – Julie Maree

Cast – Charlee Harris, Amilee Myson, Daniel Soncin

Two Men, One Frypan

Writer – Megan Riedl

Director – Alise Amarant

Cast – Theo Dickons, Damien Hurrell


Writer – Bryan Harnetiaux

Director – Mary White

Cast – Lisa Martin, John Moore


Writer – Lenka Schirmer

Director – Anne Henshall

Cast – Georgia Jones, Claire Sexton, Carolyn Staszkiewicz

A Shapeshifter? Me?

Writer – Tommy Russell

Director – Thomas Hodge

Cast – Jacob Baird, Wendy Brown, Tara Glozier, Casey Lodge, Daniel Soncin

Long Time Child, First Time Father

Writer – Chris Pedler

Director – Seamus Allan

Cast – Bradley Chivell, Natalie Hercus, Katie McMillan

Slick Dame

Writer – Kay Phillips

Director – Bevan Madden

Cast – Seamus Allan, Jacob Baird, Amy Vaux, Julia Wellard


Writer – Robert Weibezahl

Director – Christina Finch

Cast – Sharon Newth, Lenka Schirmer

My Perfect Mate

Writer – Ethan Bortman

Director – Sally Lansdowne

Cast – Ian Hart, Daniel Williams



Writer: Chris Pedler

Director: Maddy McGennisken

Cast: Lachy Geary, Brodie Wilson, Wendy Brown

The Visitors

Writer – Bernadette Rule

Director – Julian Regan

Cast – Catherine Moore, an Hart, Kerry Turpie, Sharon Newth

Stuck in the Middle

Writer – Sheryn Long

Director – Claire Sexton

Cast – Judy Chalmers, Paul Henshall, Stania Tresize

No Sequel

Writer – Rachel Nightingale

Director – Mary Pomfret

Cast – Cedar-Rosie Russell, Kerry Turpie

Restaurant Romeo

Writer – Kerry Turpie

Director – Chris Emond

Cast – Ben Fitzgerald, Charlee Harris, Emily Holmes, Ky Kearin, Shantara Johnstone, Zach Fitzpatrick


Writer – Wendy Collishaw, Sherri Donnelly

Director – Mary White

Cast – Amy McMillan, Claire Lewington, Max Harris, Mel Wells, Julie Maree

The Biscuit Protocol

Writer – Ian Hart

Director – Marie-Claire Tchernomoroff

Cast – Conor Cunningham, Peter Barker, Robert Tchernomoroff, Sheryn Long


Writer – Mark and Penny Bolton

Director – Alise Amarant

Cast – Katie McMillan, Shane Cook

The Funeral

Writer – Vern Wall

Director – Barb Billings

Cast – Anne Henshall, John Moore, Peter Peterson, Thomas Hodge, Thomas Merrett

Inner Child

Writer – Kerry Turpie

Director – Alicia Barker

Cast – Bailey Matheson, Harry Goldsmith, Lucy Grimes, Macklin Wellard, Rhylee Kopania, Seamus Allan, Stania Tresize, Jordan French


A Friendly Chat

Writer: Julie Thomson

Director: Carolyn Huthnance-Staszkiewicz

Cast: Ross Simmons, Penny Baird, Jacob Baird

A Postcard from My Black Dog

Writer – Megan Riedl

Director – Megan Riedl

Cast – Bjorn Worpel, Alise Amarant

Goodbye Grandpa

Writer – Vern Wall

Director – Vern Wall

Cast – Alicia Barker, Daryl Headlam, Wendy Brown


Writer – James Ellen

Director – Mark Kearney

Cast – Jamie Morgan, Shane O’Loughlin, Lyndon Morley, Shannon Brown

Symphony Treno per Pendolari

Writer – Megan Riedl

Director – Maree Kennedy

Cast – All Cast

The Babyboomer’s Lament

Writer – Mary White

Director – Vanessa Bate

Cast – Peter Barker, Shane O’Loughlin, Simone Cutting

The Potato Sack

Writer – Chris Pedler

Director – Chris Pedler

Cast – Jordan French, Laura-Jane Leach, Wendy Brown, Loretta Kingston-Brown

The Swear Shop

Writer – Vern Wall

Director – Conor Cunningham

Cast – Craig Sheppard, Daryl Headlam

They Use Violence, We Use Force

Writer – Shane Worrell

Director – Ellen-Kate Waayers

Cast – Shane O’Loughlin, Ian Hart, Sharon Newth


Writer – Sheryn Long

Director – Sheryn Long

Cast – Abe Watson, Claire Sexton, Halina Hall

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